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Outdoor digital media advertising, also known as Digital-Out-of-Home (DOOH) uses high-tech displays in high-traffic areas to deliver media and content to people. This offers relevant advantages for your communication objectives, such as:

  • Impact and Visibility: The use of strategic points in cities where the traffic of people/vehicles is more intense, achieving a large amount of impact per day.
  • Greater versatility: Because the content is dynamic, you can come up with the most original ideas and attract the attention of your potential clients.
  • Greater attraction: Dynamic digital content stands out from the environment, attracting attention in a much higher efficiency than printed billboards.
  • Savings: In the medium and long term, outdoor digital advertising is much more profitable; you don't have to spend large amounts of money on impressions, just change your old message for a new one quickly and easily.
  • Segmentation: Digital billboards allow you to program and present advertising based on time slots, target audience, days of the week or times of the year.

iVallas connects advertisers to digital-out-of-home media anywhere in multiple countries, simplifying the decision, planning and buying of outdoor advertising.

The digital platform provides detailed information on each advertising space, the vehicular traffic that adds value to each location, and budget requests without the need to visit all the sites. All with immediate attention to your inquiry.

To know their exact locations, go to our interactive map.

On the main avenues and high traffic streets in the cities of Santo Domingo, Santiago and Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, Medellín, Cali, Cartagena, Manizales y Pereira in Colombia, as well as in the city of Miami, United States and soon in other cities in the region.

To know their exact locations, go to our interactive map.

The rates for advertising space on digital billboards depend on their location, size, frequency and the period you wish to hire. For them, our platform allows you to select and request the exact quote according to your specific objectives.

Yes, you can pay from your computer with two options according to your convenience:

  1. By online bank transfer to account 29457450017 at Banco BHD León in the name of Inmedia Group.
  2. By credit or debit card through our online payment platform. You must request the payment link for the balance of the invoice at (A charge of +3.5% applies for the PayPal Checkout platform).

Yes. Each contracted campaign includes a photographic report that is delivered between 1 and 2 weeks after the advertising begins. You can contact our service team to see a sample report by writing or calling 809-535-3362

The generation of the quote for your advertising campaign is instant on our platform, but since each request is reviewed and approved by our staff, it can take from 1 to 5 hours depending on the amount of demand and the type of request.

We currently have 94 digital units available to display your advertising campaign.

On the platform you can find different advertising options that range from vertical screens placed on sidewalks and islands at street level, to billboards placed on traffic structures (bridges and level crossings on avenues) and billboards large format aerials elevated on poles or on buildings for a greater distance reach.

The selection of the ideal format depends on the communication objectives of your brand, the type of public and budget.

The icons on the interactive map indicate the type of digital billboard we offer at that location:

  • Blue icons: Digital urban furniture, they are vertical LED screens placed on the sidewalks of the city, bus stops or islands between the different avenues. All these structures are at street level and have great visibility for both pedestrians and vehicles traveling at low speed.
  • Green icons:  They are street furniture screens that use LCD technology and offer higher visual quality (HD) . Its quality is more than double that of the LED option.
  • Orange icons:  Billboards in traffic structures. They are screens placed in elevated areas of pedestrian bridges, level crossings, entrances and exits of tunnels. These units take advantage of the greater flow of vehicles on the main arteries of each city.
  • Red icons:  Aerial and large format billboards. They are raised digital screens on poles (monotubes) or structures that allow wide visibility from a distance. To achieve this goal, these units are installed between 10 and 20 meters high.
  • Violet icons: Digital screens with special formats and in construction closures. They use an unconventional format or position. It also applies to large-format screens that take advantage of the front area of ​​spaces such as empty lots or those in the process of being built.

You can have two types of content, still images or animated videos. Of course, for greater impact we recommend the video option, so the formats we receive for both cases are:

  • Still images: format JPG, TIF, PNG or PSD (Photoshop).
  • Videos and animations: MP4 format, the duration can be 8 or 10 seconds depending on the billboard type.


The dimension in pixels for these files is specified. indicated on each billboard on our interactive map. Click on the billboards of your interest to see the format in pixels and the duration of the video.

The animation of your ad is free with us. It is a service included in the contract and is provided for each of the billboard formats you purchase.

For the realization of this animated video in 2D only The brand is required to send the image of its product, its logo or any other visual element that must be included (all in PNG format with transparency or Photoshop in layers) and the text that it wishes to include. Our team will send you the The online display of your animated ad in high quality.

This service only applies once for each contracted campaign.

You will receive the animation of your ad(s) within 24 hours after formalizing the contract.

Yes, you can make the selection in different cities, from various countries and add them to your list for quote. This is very useful for brands that want to communicate to audiences located in different locations.

All inventory subject to availability which is confirmed at the time of receiving your order to start a contract. Therefore, the charge for the purchase of advertising spaces is only made when their availability is confirmed to you.

At least 72 hours are required to carry out the process that involves confirmation of availability, make the contract and test your video (if supplied) or make the necessary animation that we include.

The confirmation email is generated in a matter of seconds. It is recommended that, if you have never used the platform, you check the spam mailbox and if it is open. there You must mark that email as secure so that it is not filtered again due to not knowing its origin. The latter can occur with free email platforms such as Yahoo, Hotmail, Live, Gmail and similar due to their security policies.

Request a password reset by writing to with the subject or subject: Recover my password.

The efficiency value of each location is determined by factors: The amount of public that transits in front of the medium and the type of public to which it belongs.

When selecting the billboards for your advertising campaign, make sure that they are areas where the public your brand is directed to travels and, within that area or route, those that present the greatest possibility of impact due to their orientation and size on the track.

Advertising in outdoor media is focused on people who transit, both pedestrians and passengers of moving vehicles; therefore, the exposure time of each message should be short, trying to communicate the message between 8 and 10 seconds.

In some cases of special screens, we offer options of 15 and up to 20 seconds.

All advertising in outdoor media require a tax payment of 3% per advertiser to the City Council (just in Dominican Republic). This tax is included in the quote you receive from our platform.

The data published on the platform comes from the following sources:

  • Studies of daily traffic volumes in the National District carried out and published on its web portal by the Mobility Department of the National Institute of Traffic and Land Transportation (INTRANT).
  • The measurements provided by different companies that own digital billboards in their sales documentation, obtained by their own equipment in the locations indicated on the map.

  • Short but attractive texts: The length of the texts should be short because people have little time to read when they are traveling outdoors; therefore, it is best to communicate with short, simple and attractive messages.
  • Legibility: Your message must be clear and understandable quickly by as many people as possible; so Both the fonts (fonts) you use and its content must take care of rapid legibility.
  • Creativity: Capturing the public's gaze is the primary objective of your brand; therefore the images and their texts must be creative.
  • Variety: You do not have to place the same ad in each location, you can optionally create a personalized ad for each point of the city, making your campaign more creative and focused on each segment of the public.
  • Location: You must carefully choose the site where you want to promote your brand; The best thing to do is to study your ideal client and place your message in the locations where it travels in order to better receive your information and where there is the greatest flow of people to obtain the best return on investment.

On our platform, you can obtain timely information on vehicular traffic by clicking on each billboard or on the yellow icons that is ;n on the interactive map.

  • Messages that offend morality and good customs.
  • Messages that lead to confusion with road and information signs.
  • Messages that produce changes in light, or vibrations, or movement (rotating, moving tablets).
  • Messages that may distract or hinder in an obvious or dangerous way the attention of drivers regarding the handling of vehicles and the perception of traffic signs or that adopt shapes or colors of their own of road signs.
  • Messages that promote any type of discrimination or violation of human rights.


The above list corresponds to article 54 of the Outdoor Advertising Regulations established by the City Council of the National District. However, in addition to this, our company reserves the right to accept content or types of products that due to their nature may cause any negative effect on the public or that conflict with the legislation of the locality where the advertising is made.

If you own one or several digital outdoor media, you can benefit from the advantages that our platform provides to potential clients.

To integrate your advertising media to you can contact us at or by calling 809-535-3362, and we will provide you with the necessary information shortly. offers you a comprehensive management of sales in addition to increasing the visibility of your media and facilitating its access to a large local and international public, 24 hours a day.< /p>

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